Winter Break Challenge

pastor ed's reading challenge

Pastor Ed issued a challenge to all college students: make good use of your time this break by filling your mind with good books! Pastor Ed's top suggestions:

  1. Read through the entire Bible! It's totally doable!*
  2. Read a bunch of C.S. Lewis. Pastor Ed specifically mentioned Mere ChristianityThe Problem of Pain, and Miracles. If those are too intimidating, start with The Screwtape Letters.


winter reading challenge

  1. Start READING a Christian book.
  2. LOG your reading.  Submit your information on the OFFICIAL READING CHALLENGE FORM. Then add your 2-3 sentence (or more) comment about what you appreciated most about the book. 
  3. Once you read 5 books, you’ll WIN a $20 gift certificate to the GP Bookstore!*

*  What are major and minor prophets? What's the difference between Kings and Chronicles?The Bible Project has an overview video for each book of the Bible.

** Yes, if you read 10 books, you’ll win $40… and so on.

Save the Date!

JANUARY 14-16, 2017:


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